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This site is to bring attention to misdealings of the Federal Government against 5 executives of IRP Solutions and the owner of DKH Enterprises. This brings to light what can happen in certain areas of the Governement when power is abused and they think the little guy won't fight back.
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Local Church Accuses Prosecutors Of Abusing Authority
The leadership of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church accused the U.S. Attorney's Office of racism and abuse of authority after a five-year investigation into the actions of six church members. -- KRDO News 13
Church feels 'singled out' by federal investigation

Colorado Springs church has accused federal prosecutors of abusing their power by seizing records and indicting several church members on federal mail and wire fraud charges. -- The Gazette

IRP Solutions
Company developed software to help a
nation in peril. Imagine a story of very smart and enterprising young men starting a software development
Discovery Experimental & Development Inc. (DEDI)
After reviewing 100's of cases and reviewing 100's of appeal cases it clearly appears that over 80% of the Federal Judges violate their oath of office.
What is Virtual Case File
Did you know that the FBI had software that competed with IRP Solutions?
Exposing the Inslaw Scandal and Related Crimes
Following the guidelines of the IRP Solutions case the Government is guilty of mail and wire fraud among other crimes.
  Government is Broken!  

Government is broken is the cry heard lately from Democrats, Republicans and the citizens of this country. Large corporations are bailed out from collapse after squandering their own business. Honest hard working Americans are sent out to the streets without hope for income. And, Congress nor the White House seem to be able to get anything to change.

But this is not our only problem, the breaking started at the top but seems to be in all parts of the Governement. Where do you go when those sworn to protect you abuse the power given to them and use that power to crush small business? What happens when the Governement wants to get into the software business and fails, and in doing so tries to destroy a company created to assist Federal, State and local law enforcement in doing its job better?

This site was setup to bring attention to one such case where a small software company in Colorado was subjected to gross abuse of power by the FBI and the US Attorney's office in Denver. To this day the Government is trying to destroy this business, its founders, their families and even the church they attend.

Please read on to get more information about what is happening and how you can help.


Local Church Accuses Prosecutors Of Abusing Authority from on Vimeo.

What can you do?

First, please read through the site and see the things that the Government is doing wrong. Listed below are things you can do to possibly help out.

We need help publicizing this precedent-setting case and its implications for small business, churches and others via the news media. In this regard, we are still hoping for a real investigative story into the FBI's and prosecuting attorney Matthew T. Kirsch's motivations in this case. If you are interested or know a journalist who might be, please contact us at

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